High School Football

EA College Athletic Recruiting

Creed Warren – WR

Creed is an absolute playmaker when the ball is in the air. This is a prospect with tremendous physical tools in terms of speed, quickness and the ability to be a homerun threat from anywhere on the field.
Jackson Bellamy

Carson Carver- OT

Carson is a very good run blocker with the athleticism we look for when evaluating the offensive center position at the major level of competition.

Ethan Ferguson – RB/SS/LB

Ethan is a great looking player physically with ideal height, early stage bulk and the frame to develop into an imposing figure over time.

Kenneth Ty Plummer – TE/DE

There is a lot to like about Ty as you watch this kid play. He is a very good football player and can be a real disruptive presence. He is a prospect with great size for his age. He is a prospect that displays physical upside and the ability to add good bulk as he continues to physically mature during his high school career.

Tyler Carmon – RB

Tyler is running back with big-play shiftiness and explosiveness. Has a style that translates very well to the college level and he is physically ready to contribute.

Braydon W Baker – WR/CB/FS

Baker has excellent Football IQ and acceleration. A talented receiver and outstanding overall athlete, but we feel his future lies on defense at cornerback. Does have long arms and wingspan. Displays great range and makeup speed. His recovery burst and breaking quickness may be unparalleled in this class. Reads the play quickly and covers a ton of ground in a hurry.

Tyson Cox – LB

The bottom line on Tyson is that he is an athlete and could project to more then one position at the college level. On the offensive side of the ball, Tyson can play as a receiver and running back.

Kaden Murphy – RB/WR/S

Kaden is a very versatile athlete who can play both sides of the ball. On defense, he plays throughout the defensive backfield at the high school level. We feel at the college level Kaden will settle in at running back or defensive back. Productive near the line of scrimmage and in the deep zone coverage.

Carson Akers – LB/OL/FB

Carson Akers is a middle linebacker who plays with reckless abandon and a non-stop motor. He has excellent speed, athletic ability and quickness.