High School Football

EA College Athletic Recruiting

Maverick Ashby – RB/WR/DB

Maverick is decisive power-back with big-play shiftiness and explosiveness. Has a style that will translate very well to the college level and he is physically ready to contribute. Possesses great body structure with a compact, solidly-built frame that can absorb punishment -- and dish it out. He can take it the distance or break off a big gainer on any carry.
Aiden Johnson

Aiden Johnson – TE/DE

It seems with Aiden that when you go against this kid you better have a good pre-game meal and you better buckle your chin strap good and tight because he is going to bring all he has and is going to battle you.

Nate Freize – TE/DE

Nate is a 6'5" tight end prospect with a college ready frame who can help any offense. He has good size and the frame to be able to add even more bulk in time. His main position is tight end, but he displays his overall athleticism by filling many roles on his high school team including playing defensive end.

Joey Weaver- LB/TE

Joey Weaver is a very good overall football player with the size, athleticism and versatile skill-set to get recruited at both linebacker and tight end.

Zayne Williams – RB

Zayne has the physical tools and skill set to develop into one of this class' more well-rounded college backs. He's very productive and consistent and has prototypical size with his good height and thickly-built frame.

Connor J Lintz – WR

Yet another DB/slot receiver who can really run. Conner is one of the smoother players we have seen in this class and is a legit vertical threat. He is silky smooth for lack of a better term.

Jake Brown – QB/FS/SS

The more you watch Jake the more you love him, most notably due to his release.

Dylan Duckwyler – RB/WR/DB

Dylan is a tall, slashing galloper with an upright running style and great straight-line speed. He hits the hole with authority and a downhill head of steam but shows excellent vision and patience in terms of reading blocks and allowing the play develop when he needs to.