Jake Perkins – QB/WR/HB

2030 Prospect


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HS: Valley High School (OH)
Pos: ATH
Height: 5’2
Weight: 90
40: 5.0
Bench Max: 100
Squat Max: 150
Vertical: 23
Class: 2030 (High School)

EA365sports Rating 5 stars
4 20 10
Scout Grade: 842 stars

Scouting Report

Jake possesses very good athleticism, making him a dual-threat QB. He possesses great speed for the position. He shows command of the scheme, gets the ball out quickly and shows he can work from one target to the next. He makes good decisions on the run when flushed or pressured. He recognizes coverage and where to go pre-snap and possesses a calm and cool demeanor. He is a tough runner who does not shy away from contact. He is balanced and quick in his set-up. He wastes little time getting set from snap to throw and is very efficient. He possesses a smooth, quick, strong delivery that is compact and consistent. He shows proper ball carriage at chest level and a natural throwing motion. Jake is capable of driving the ball deep and outside of the numbers when his feet are set. When his feet are set, Jake is very efficient within the strike zone. He flashes zip and touch and is capable of fitting the ball into tight spots and leading receivers with a catchable ball, especially on movement routes. Dual-threat skills give him upside. Jake is a nice blend of arm and athleticism. He’s an elite runner with a good football I.Q. and very productive. Jake is a prospect at this stage that possesses just about every physical trait or measurable you could want in a high school prospect. He can run, he displays a terrific arm, he possesses great size on a muscular frame and his overall athleticism is off the charts. He plays in the shotgun spread which is ideal for his tools, but he could easily play in the pro-set and from under center and be just as big of a threat. Stands tall and can scan the field from within the pocket. However, he is truly at his best when on the move and creating or keeping a play alive. He is such a distinct running threat that you sometimes forget that his live arm can make throws deep down the field even when off balance or on the move. Ball jumps out of his hand with great velocity and authority when his feet are set. Can make every throw including those into tight spots at intermediate ranges. Can drive the ball deep and really stretch the field when he is balanced and transfers his weight from his back foot. Appears to show quality accuracy overall to all areas of the field and has a knack for throwing off balance and still hitting the strike zone. What’s most impressive about Jake is his overall speed and athleticism for a player his size. He is elusive, strong and deceptively quick. This offense allows for him to roll out to either side and be a run/pass threat the majority of the time in the passing game. Throws well on the move and can throw back against his body. Overall, Jake is the total package when it comes to measurables and physical tools. He is also a great baseball player. He has a chance to be special and is a highly competitive prospect with a high work ethic. …


Offense Passing                                 Offense Rushing
Year G P-Yds P- TD G R-Yds % BLK R-TD
2023 (6th gr) 1,000 1,000


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