Entries by Jermaine Keyes

Aris M Pittman – WR

This kid is one of those receivers that if you don’t pay attention he will burn you big time. Nick has savvy and instincts for the position and most importantly spectacular hands in every situation.

John Weaver – OL/DL

When you go against this kid you better have a good pre-game meal and you better buckle your chin strap good and tight because he is going to bring all he has and is going to battle you.

Carter Bridges – OL/DL

Carter is a defender who is capable of being a menace in the trenches. He has good size with the frame to add more bulk and he also brings some versatility to the table. He could fit

Bridger Kerns – RB

Bridger has some of the better feet, vision, and natural running skills we have seen in recent classes. Has more than adequate size and will add bulk easily. Good running strength and durability at the next level.

Jesse Copas – RB

Jesse has the size and speed measurables that make him a coveted running back prospect at the next level. Has good bulk on a compact, sturdy frame and the great speed and acceleration to take it the distance on any carry. Plays in an open offense that likes to get him outside. Patient in letting his blocks develop off-tackle. Quick to stretch and turn the corner. Shows very good vision and cutback ability.

Hunter Giacomo – OLB/DB

Hunter is a tough customer, displaying very good playing strength as a run stopper. He will have the size and athleticism for the inside are outside linebacker position at the major level of competition. The strong wrap tackling skills we see should prove beneficial as a special team’s coverage player. His good hips and balance and agility allow him to be effective as an underneath coverage defender; does a good job with key and diagnosis skills against the run and pass; shows the ability to play downhill he is very consistent when stepping up to take on blockers at the point of attack.

Silas Edwards – LB/ATH

If you were going to go down into your basement and make an inside linebacker with your chemistry set, you would probably come out with something pretty close to Silas Edwards.

Maverick Ashby – RB/WR/DB

Maverick is decisive power-back with big-play shiftiness and explosiveness. Has a style that will translate very well to the college level and he is physically ready to contribute. Possesses great body structure with a compact, solidly-built frame that can absorb punishment — and dish it out. He can take it the distance or break off a big gainer on any carry.

Carson Akers – LB/OL/FB

Carson Akers is a middle linebacker who plays with reckless abandon and a non-stop motor. He has excellent speed, athletic ability and quickness.

Ethan Ferguson – RB/SS/LB

Ethan is a great looking player physically with ideal height, early stage bulk and the frame to develop into an imposing figure over time.