Entries by Jermaine Keyes

Brody Simpkins – LB/DE

Brody is running back with big-play shiftiness and explosiveness. Has a style that translates very well to the college level and he is physically ready to contribute. Possesses great body structure and a compact, solidly-built frame that can absorb punishment — and dish it out.

Aiden Johnson – TE/DE

It seems with Aiden that when you go against this kid you better have a good pre-game meal and you better buckle your chin strap good and tight because he is going to bring all he has and is going to battle you.

Luca Silva – TE/DE

There is a lot to like about Luca as you watch this kid play. He is a very good football player and can be a real disruptive presence.

Ethan Sutton – ILB

Ethan is an active, instinctive prospect demonstrating the ability to get to the football. Has the size and athleticism for either the inside or outside linebacker position at the major level of competition. Ethan possesses both playing speed and explosion; his open field tackling skills should prove beneficial as a special team’s coverage player.

Braydon W Baker – WR/CB/FS

Baker has excellent Football IQ and acceleration. A talented receiver and outstanding overall athlete, but we feel his future lies on defense at cornerback. Does have long arms and wingspan. Displays great range and makeup speed. His recovery burst and breaking quickness may be unparalleled in this class. Reads the play quickly and covers a ton of ground in a hurry.

Parker Ison – QB/DB

Parker is a very polished, crisp passer who has been well coached on fundamentals and ball handling. He has good size and the frame to really bulk up. Mechanically, he is very sound. He has a quick set up and a quick release. He has good movement skills, is mobile in the pocket and has an excellent feel for the rush. He can make all the throws with good velocity and accuracy, is very efficient. His release is compact and reminds us of former Nevada QB Clayton Thorson with his delivery.

Bryson Rowsey – WR/DB

Bryson Rowsey is one of the best overall athletes in this entire class and could be an impact player at the college level at multiple positions.

Asher N Keyes – WR

Asher offers an offensive skill player in the passing game. He is versatile and fast and can do it all including being a difference-maker in the return game. He is a sleek athlete that can run. Possesses all of the tools you look for in a guy that can create serious mismatches that he can line up anywhere and you better be aware of where he is at all times.

Thomas Crawford – WR

Thomas Crawford is a DB/slot receiver  who can really run. Crawford is one of the smoother players we have seen in this class and is a legit vertical threat. He is silky smooth for lack of a better term. He is very natural in terms of his change-of-direction skills and body control.

Creed Warren – WR

Creed is an absolute playmaker when the ball is in the air. This is a prospect with tremendous physical tools in terms of speed, quickness and the ability to be a homerun threat from anywhere on the field.