Entries by Jermaine Keyes

Jackson Bellamy – OT

Jackson is a crushing, dominant run blocker with the size, athleticism and balance we like to see for the tackle position at the major level of competition. This guy has the tools to step in and be an immediate starter…

Dane Levi – OT

Dane is an O-line prospect who should be getting a ton more buzz than he is already. He possesses excellent height and is a well put together big man. Dane also has the frame that can support additional size with time in a college weight program.

Bryson Kerns – WR/DB

Bryson Kerns is very physical and strong with a knack for making big plays while the ball is in the air and after the catch. He has height, good bulk and great speed.

Nick Sites – WR

This kid is one of those receivers that if you don’t pay attention he will burn you big time. Nick has savvy and instincts for the position and most importantly spectacular hands in every situation.

Malachi Payne – PG

Malachi Payne is as explosive a playmaker and physically gifted a lead guard as there is in high school basketball. He has good size for his position, long arms, and a chiseled frame