High School Football

EA College Athletic Recruiting

John Weaver – OL/DL

When you go against this kid you better have a good pre-game meal and you better buckle your chin strap good and tight because he is going to bring all he has and is going to battle you.

Silas G Keyes – QB/WR/DB

Silas is a gifted two-way player with a good blend of instincts, feet, speed and quickness. He shows the ability to turn and run without losing too much in transition for a corner. Does a terrific job of pressing receivers and taking them out of their routes. Shows fluid hips and is athletic enough to recover from mistakes.

Silas Edwards – LB/ATH

If you were going to go down into your basement and make an inside linebacker with your chemistry set, you would probably come out with something pretty close to Silas Edwards.

Asher N Keyes – WR

Asher offers an offensive skill player in the passing game. He is versatile and fast and can do it all including being a difference-maker in the return game. He is a sleek athlete that can run. Possesses all of the tools you look for in a guy that can create serious mismatches that he can line up anywhere and you better be aware of where he is at all times.

Bryson Kerns – WR/DB

Bryson Kerns is very physical and strong with a knack for making big plays while the ball is in the air and after the catch. He has height, good bulk and great speed.

Bridger Kerns – RB

Bridger has some of the better feet, vision, and natural running skills we have seen in recent classes. Has more than adequate size and will add bulk easily. Good running strength and durability at the next level.

Barrett McKenney – QB

Someone is going to get a fine prospect that is flying under the radar as a well-proportioned, strong armed pocket passer that has one of the better, quicker releases this class has to offer.

Bryson Rowsey – WR/DB

Bryson Rowsey is one of the best overall athletes in this entire class and could be an impact player at the college level at multiple positions.

Walker Hall – RB

Jack is a tough customer, displaying very good playing strength as a run stopper. He will have the size and athleticism for the inside linebacker position at the major level of competition.