Athlete Recruiting Services

Four (4) Great Plans to choose from.

Two (2) payment options available for each plan (monthly and yearly).

Please Contact representative after selecting a package by Phone: (601.329.1414) or Email: (j@ea365sports.com).

ACT/SAT/GPA unlimited
Scouting Report unlimited
Stat Board unlimited
Pinpoint Recruiting unlimited
Body Measurements unlimited
Drills limited unlimited
Highlight Videos limited limited 25 plays limited 35 plays unlimited
Game Film limited 1/2 game limited 1 game unlimited
EA 365 Tracker unlimited
ACT Tutoring unlimited
Advisor+ $100+ $80
Campaign Work+ $175+ $175$175
Professional Breakdown+ $100 unlimited
$ 540.00$ 780.00$ 1,020$ 2,000
Payment Plan Features
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
 Web  Page +$100 (one time fee)
Scouting Report
Stat Board
Website Updates limited
Drills Video limited limited
High light Videos 15 plays (20 plays) (30 plays) (40 plays) 
2 Marketers3 Marketers4 Marketers5 Marketers8 Marketers
Social Media Marketing limited
Pinpoint Recruiting limited
1/2 Game Film1 Game Film
EA 365 Tracker
Monthly Cost

*There is a $100.00 up front cost for the web page for ALL monthly payment arrangements. For the first month you will pay $100.00 plus the monthly cost of the chosen package.

**Seniors class members are not eligible for the monthly payment plan packages.
Our aim is to aid premier high school student/athletes to receive the finest and most scholarship offers to the best-suited colleges to help them reach their academic and athletic goals. It's not what you do that makes you the best but how you do it. Here at EA365 Sports we feel that we are untouchable when it comes to helping high school student/athletes become highly marketed. Read Terms and Conditions.
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