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ServicesEA College Athletic Recruiting

Step 1:  Evaluation
  • Develop an understanding of NCAA rules
  • Develop a Plan!
  • Put the Plan into Action

Step 2:  Clarification
  • Submit your transcripts and ACT/SAT test scors
  • Declare if you are eligibility
  • Declare D1, D2 or NAIA

Step 3:  Profile
  • Submit Stats and Photos
  • Submit Highlight and Game Film
  • Develop an Online Profile

Step 4:  Self Evaluation
  • Look at your athletic and academic abilities
  • Discuss with your family
  • Select 25 colleges to target for recruiting

Step 5:  Marketing
  • Create a Buzz through email
  • Contact Coaches
  • Make Highlight Film Available

Step 6:  EA 365 Plan
  • Contact your 25 Targeted College
  • Obtain Scholarships
  • Bi-weekly Status Reports