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Kian Homme


Someone is going to get a fine prospect that is flying under the radar as a well-proportioned, strong armed pocket passer that has one of the better, quicker releases this class has to offer. Somehow this kid is a hidden gem in the spring and he reminds us of a taller version of Houston's Case Keenum. The ball really jumps off his hand with velocity and a quick, compact stroke. He is pretty polished, fundamentally consistent, carries the ball well and wastes little-to-no motion in everything he does. Drops are smooth and quick, and his set up is balanced. 
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Shawndarin Porter


There is not much to dislike about Will. This kid is a smashmouth, high-motor player, and if you like to watch the battles that can happen in the trenches, he will put a smile on your face.Right off the bat,it is hard to ignore his tenacious style of play. He has a fantastic motor and really seems to approach every play with a nasty, "refuse to lose" attitude. Will Lawrence : Is getting looks from several D-1 College. Learn More

Tyus Raine

Quite possibly one of the more sudden and quicker backs in the state of Mississippi and nationally, Tyus is an explosive, game-changing type of runner with striking natural ability. Tyus is extremely quick-twitched and is a threat to rip off a 15-20 yard burst on any given carry. Quick and explosive through the hole. Hits the seams just as they open and reaches top speed within a few steps.. Learn More

James Matthew Graves II


James is truly and dominant defensive player; can be disruptive and effect the outcome of a game from any spot on the field including special teams. Has the size and athleticism for the outside linebacker position in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme at the major level of competition. We see excellent tackling skills; plays with good bend and leverage demonstrating the punishing, knock'em back results we look for when evaluating linebackers. Learn More

Joseph Houston


Joseph talent is undeniable in both kicking and punting. Joseph has a very powerful left leg. College coaches will love the fact on punts the ball spins opposite. Joseph has great confidence and has 5.0 second hang-time ability in punting, His kick offs have recently gotten to the point where he is consistently hitting above 4 second hang-times.  Learn More
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