Hannah o'bryan

Prospect 2018

HS: Ashland High School (KY)
Pos: Midfielder / Sweeper/ Forward / Outside
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Leading Foot: l
Vertical: 33 inches
Class: 2018 (High School)

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EA365sports Rating
Scout Grade:  88


This young player is a two footed player. She can shoot, dribble, control,
and cross the ball with both feet. Her technique, speed, dribbling skills,
together with her determination and attitude make her a high caliber player.

Ball Control:
Excellent Ball Control. Right footed, but uses non-dominant foot well.
The kind ofplayer who doesn't lose the ball. Quick with her feet and
retains possesion well, even when tightly marked. Great passing skills
and teamwork. Receives passes with ease.

Running with the ball:
Running with the ball is not a problem for her, she’s the kind of player
that never loses the ball. Shows good composure and retention of the ball.
Great pace and endurance. Passing range is excellent with quality delivery
and speedy execution. Uses cross and through-passes, throwing other
teams into disarray. Eyes are up and looking around.

Attacking Ability:
She is very attack minded and always look for space, very quick to support
the forward players. Fast and athletic, attack minded, she comes down to 
get the ball and starts the play. Applies pressure when needed. 
Demands the ball.
Defending Ability:
Excellent 1 v 1 ability. Applies pressure when needed. Strips the ball.
Clears with notable distance. Perseveres to win the ball back.
Great body positioning. Excellent arm control. Great pace, getting
past defenders with ease and gliding into dangerous positions on a
consistent basis. Great shielding.

Has good jump skill. Good body positioning.  Sees ball in.
When competing for the ball, she has the aggression and determination 
to win the challenge.  She tracks, closes down on her opponent and tackles
to gain possession of the ball with consistency.

Long Passing:
She‘s a comfortable with the ball and when in deeper areas she has good 
aim and excellent pass control. Long, well weighted air passes.

Short Passing: 
She makes a variety of short passes both in space and in a traffic with 
both feet. Great vision, great aim. Smooth and accurate.

Right Foot: 
Dominant, powerful and accurate. Great vision, great aim. Great shooting 
ability with controlled force. Excellent distance, power, and arcing on corner kicks.

Left Foot: 
Used to help control the ball and make short passes. She has a powerful shoot 
with it. 

Shows good vision in her efforts at link-up play and in her passing. 
She makes good decisions with regard to teammates. She is not a
passenger in the game; she has the ability to effect the final outcome
of the game. Great peripheral, keeping control and seeing ahead.
Movement Off The Ball
Makes good decisions off the ball by positioning herself. Weaves in
and out of defenders with ease. She brings teammates into the play
with quick combinations, helping create goal scoring opportunities
and leading by example.

2016-17 (Jr)



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Morehead State
Georgetown College
Charleston Univ
Youngtown State
Union College
Tenn Chattanooga 
West Alabama
Northern KY Univ
Univ Cincinnati
James Madison
Bowling Green
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