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Isaiah Keyes.


In terms of pure size and acceleration, there might not be a more impressive looking outside linebacker than Isaiah in this class. Prototypical 3-4 outside linebacker with his long frame, good pass-rushing skills and experience playing up on the line of scrimmage. This guy can blow up the perimeter run or make plays pursuing sideline-to-sideline. Has great height and wide frame that is well-defined but still has room for good physical development. Plays the game with an intense motor and shows great chase speed from the backside. Good vertical attacker with his long body, great initial burst and deceptively good bend..   Learn More

Emmett Keyes


There is not much to dislike about Will. This kid is a smashmouth, high-motor player, and if you like to watch the battles that can happen in the trenches, he will put a smile on your face. Right off the bat, it is hard to ignore his tenacious style of play. He has a fantastic motor and really seems to approach every play with a nasty, "refuse to lose" attitude. Will Lawrence : Is getting looks from several D-1 Colleges. Learn More

Aaron Cooper

There is a lot to like about Kameron as you watch this kid play. He is a very good football player and can be a real disruptive presence. He is a prospect with good size. He has good height and bulk for a high school prospect and looks to carry his weight well. He also displays physical upside and the ability to add more good bulk in time as he continues to physically mature He plays with a good motor and will pursue to the ball  Learn More

Jemaurian Jones


Jemaurian is a play-making corner with great quickness, athleticism and awareness skills. He consistently puts himself in the correct position to make plays on the football. Expertly reads the quarterback in zone schemes and anticipates the pass as good as any in this class. He transitions quickly and excels at jumping routes, closing the cushion and breaking up the underneath perimeter pass. Shows good hip fluidity and redirection skill.  Learn More

Cayl Wagner

Cayl is a crushing, dominant run blocker with the size, athleticism and balance we like to see for the tackle position at the major level of competition. This guy has the tools to step in and be an immediate starter, becoming a long term force at his position. Demonstrates good flexibility in a three point stance; comes off the ball with explosion and a flat back. Gets a good fit when single blocking and does a great job blocking inside shaded defenders, knocking them back and burying them. Learn More
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