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Ty Keyes

Ty is likely the most "ready to play right away" quarterback in this class and most naturally gifted passer in this class. You don't see many weaknesses in his game and he is only going to get better once he enters college. He is a tough leader on the field and he has the natural ability to develop into an upper echelon starter in college. Has a very strong arm, gets good velocity on passes and can fit the ball into tight spaces. Gets set quickly, makes quick decisions and has the quick release to help neutralize pass rushes. Goes through progressions, has good height and can see the entire field.   Learn More

Eli Sammons


This is a prospect that at this stage possesses just about every physical trait or measurable you could want in a high school prospect. Eli can run, displays a terrific arm, he possesses great size on a muscular frame and his overall athleticism is off the charts. Plays in the shotgun spread which is ideal for his tools, but he could easily play in the pro-set and from under center to be just as big of a threat. Learn More

Clay Games

Someone is going to get a fine prospect that is flying under the radar as a well-proportioned, strong armed pocket passer that has one of the better, quicker releases this class has to offer. Somehow Clay is a hidden gem going into the spring. The ball really jumps off his hand with velocity and a quick, compact stroke. He is pretty polished, fundamentally consistent, carries the ball well and wastes little-to-no motion in everything he does. Drops are smooth and quick, and his set up is balanced.  Learn More

Blake Haster


It's a talented year for backs out of Kentucky and Blake may be the state's biggest home run threat. Blake has top-end acceleration and an extra gear that makes him a threat to pull away on each touch. He excels as an outside cutback runner. He shows patience until the vertical crease opens, then has great upfield explosion off the plant. A bit high-cut for his frame but it doesn't really hinder his lateral movement. Shows very good lateral agility, almost gliding in and out of cuts.  Learn More

Cayl Wagner

Cayl is a crushing, dominant run blocker with the size, athleticism and balance we like to see for the tackle position at the major level of competition. This guy has the tools to step in and be an immediate starter, becoming a long term force at his position. Demonstrates good flexibility in a three point stance; comes off the ball with explosion and a flat back. Gets a good fit when single blocking and does a great job blocking inside shaded defenders, knocking them back and burying them. Learn More