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Juwon Keyes

Juwon is true shooting guard with good size and strength. What makes him special is his deep shooting range off the catch or dribble and his ability to get on a role and knock down two or three in a row before the defense knows what hit it. His size allows him to shoot over smaller or late defenders with ease. Juwon can also get to the basket and score through contact and can finish above the rim with a clear path. He has a strong straight line handle and does a great job using his size to his advantage.
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Robert Hunter, III

Great physical strength for a young guard competes and really does a great job using his length and anticipation on the defensive end to come up with steals. Slashes and finishes at the rim with great touch and body control. Can hit the open three when in a groove but inside the arc he can score in a variety of ways with his mid range game. He is constantly in attack mode. He loves to aggressively attack the rim from the wing and go over or through his opponent to score. Robert is a tough defender also that uses his strong body to keep his opponent out of the lane. He is also solid at playing the passing lanes and gleaning steals that lead to his transition game.

Aaron Thompson

Aaron has an enormous frame that is very difficult to get around as a defender. In addition, he has excellent fundamentals and very good hands. He is a very good scorer with either hand and he can nail the jump shot at the elbow. Overall, he has a solid feel for the game at both ends of the floor as well.  Learn More


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