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Noah hann

Prospect 2019

SAT*: 1010
ACT*: 19
GPA*: 3.0
HS: Chisholm High School (OK)
Pos: DE/TE
Height: 6'4
Weight: 230
40: 4.7
Bench Max: 285
Squat Max: 400
Shuttle: 4.51
Vertical: 33 inches
Class: 2019 (High School)
EA365sports Rating
Scout Grade:  91


Watching Noah play you see that this kid can create a buzz all on his own. He has good size and the frame to be able to add even more good bulk in time. His main position is tight end, but he displays his overall athleticism by filling many roles on his high school team. While you like his versatility, it is his ability to be a productive well rounded tight end that interests you. He can be a productive part of the passing game. He has good hands and is able to extend his arms to make the catch away from his body. He also displays good concentration and can make the tough catch. He has good speed and can present a threat to stretch the field. He also runs good routes and can create some separation with that. He is a physical kid with the tools to be a good in-line blocker. He seems to enjoy and almost thrive on contact and can deliver a good initial pop. When he gets hands on and keeps his hips under him he can create some push. He is a sound pass blocker who has the feet to mirror a defender and will use his hands to punch. Noah is strongest now as a receiver. He has the size and toughness to be able to stay on the field in any situation and contribute as a blocker in the run and pass game. His ability and upside as a tight end make him a good prospect and his ability to fill some other roles just adds to his value as a player.


There is a lot to like about Noah as you watch this kid play. He is a very good football player and can be a real disruptive presence. He is a prospect with good size. He has good height and bulk for a high school prospect and looks to carry his weight well. He also displays physical upside and the ability to add more good bulk in time as he continues to physically mature. He plays with a good motor and will pursue to the ball. He also possesses excellent straight-line game speed which allows him to be a factor on plays all over the field and has good overall athleticism. He displays very good first-step quickness and is often the first defender moving. He is a good overall football player. He has the strength and ability to get to the quarterback. He couples a good initial burst with some pass rush savvy. He does a good job of quickly getting up-field and attacking the outside shoulder. He is very active with his weapons and does a nice job of using them to knock blockers hands down and keep them off of him. If his blocker is poor in their technique and opens up too quickly he can quickly run by. Even when challenged he displays the ability to defeat a blocker and get to the quarterback. He is a kid who seems to have some idea on what he wants to do and displays a nice pass rush arsenal for a high school prospect. He is able to work moves and counter back inside and can be a dangerous pass rusher. He is able to get to the corner and dip his shoulder and work past. He can be a real handful as a pass rusher, but plays the run good also. He displays the ability to come out of his stance and maintain a solid "football position". He brings his hands and is able to quickly and violently press blockers off of him. He displays the ability to play with some control and will come across the ball and squeeze down and moves well laterally. He displays a very good motor. He displays good speed in pursuit. Overall, takes good angles. He is a solid tackler. Noah is a very good defensive end prospect. He brings size, ability, and good feel for the game.  EA365sports believes that he is one of the best football players who could play early if need be especially as a pass rusher.


YearTcKTFLSacksInterceptionBlock PuntsCaused FumblesCatchesReceiving Yards Yards TD's
2018 (Sr)53136122456436


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